Manufacturing Consulting

We can offer you truly "World Class Manufacturing" processes.  We have
designed and built state of the art production lines for Atari, United
Technologies and TRW to name a few.  

Our expertise is in process flow and streamlining your operations.  W
e can help
you design and implement a manufacturing philosophy that fits not only your
needs.  We work quickly and efficiently and won't become a fixture on your

-Eliminate non value added handling, kit picking and material movement.

Identify and eliminate the intangible cost that kill your bottom line.

the process create the viable thriving factory you'll be proud to tour your
customers through.

Got a question?  We love to talk about manufacturing!   Give us a call or send
us a E-mail.     

Enterprise Resource Management
Systems  Implementation

Designing for Manufacturability
Surface Mount
Through Hole
Mixed technologyCo
Modular Product Designs

Quality Assurance Program


ISO 9000 Registration
Six Sigma

Materials Planning Systems
Build to Stock vs. Build to Order
J.I.T.  Manufacturing
Repetitive Manufacturing (Back Flush)
Demand Flow Manufacturing (simplified
and more effective)
Auto Stock Replenishment
Aggregate Bills of Material Planning

Manufacturing Line Setup
Surface Mount Equipment Selection
Through Hole Technology
Inspection and Test Plans
Electromechanical Equipment