Pangea Source brings 25 years of Senior Manufacturing Management
experience to the small to mid-size manufacturer.  Hands on experience
derived from setting up and managing state of the art manufacturing facilities
and systems domestically and internationally,  for Fortune 500 companies
including  TRW, United Technologies, Atari, Zebra Technologies, California
Amplifier and Alesis Studio Electronics .

Our Goal is to help you realize the maximum return on a minimal

We can help you reach your goals through:
Manufacturing Resources both Domestic and International

As with any complex problem, there are usually multiple solutions.  The trick is
to determine which best suits your situation, and try to keep it simple.  
Complex systems tend to create more problems than they solve.  We would
like to help you develop a philosophy that is easy for your personnel to
execute, manage and continuously improve upon.  
We'll  focus on your products and your position in the market, then identify
what improvements will have the biggest impact and provide the fastest
return.   Then we'll help you develop a strategy on how to accomplish those
objectives, and if need be implement those plans.

We can help you determine where you need to be to stay one step ahead of
your competition and help you stay there.
References are available on request.

Confidential and Private:  We will never use your company name, products or
any intellectual property,  for advertising, references or referral without  
previously expressed consent.  We will be very clear and specific to whom we
are giving the information to, and for what purpose.