We operate our company under one simple principle quality is our first priority.    Without
putting quality first and foremost we will never be able to achieve the goals and objectives we
promise ourselves and our customers.  
We know how important cost is to our customers but we will never sacrifice the integrity of a
product in an attempt to achieve an artificially low product cost.  Even at the risk of losing a job
to the lower bidder.  We have always found it much less expensive to do it right the first time.
OUR GUARANTEE   We are so confident in our offshore resources  we guarantee our work.  We have a
close affiliation with a domestic manufacturer, who has a large and well equipped factory near our offices.  
If a product ever arrives from our offshore manufacturers with a defect that is our fault, it's not your
problem it's ours.  We will collect the product from your shipping dock take it to our local facility and fix the
problem at our cost, in a matter of days not weeks.  There is no shipping the product back overseas,
waiting for weeks.  We will fix it here and fix it as quickly as possible.  Quality products, quality service in
every sense of the word.  That's our guarantee to you.